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Sudan National Formulary


In the context of protecting the society and ensuring safe and quality professional practice the Sudan Medical Council publishes the Sudan National Formulary (SNF) as mandated by its Act (1993 amended 2004) bylaw (14-s). The SNF contains all approved and registered medicines in the Sudan. It includes the available dosage forms, indications, contra-indications, doses, side-effects and possible interactions.

The SNF is in line with the approved national patient management protocols in Sudan and is compatible with the policies and directives of the National Medicines and Poisons Board (NMPB).

The SNF is available to prescribers, pharmacists, health care professionals, and other stakeholders in the health profession as a national reference and resource.

Our aim is to optimize drug therapy and rationalize scarce resources to improve patient safety and limit unnecessary medical spending.

Development of the SNF

More than twenty years have passed since the publication of the second edition of the Sudan National Formulary (1991). Since the two previous editions were very different in their objectives, content, format and size, the present Editorial Board decided to make the coming editions drug-oriented, pocket-size and in conformity with the usual format of international formularies. It has been slightly modified from the previous editions, in that it provides prescribers, pharmacists and other healthcare providers with up-to-date information about medicines registered and used in the Sudan; treatment guidelines have been excluded.

The dosage schedules of drugs in National Protocols are not included in the Formulary. These texts should be consulted when needed. However, side effects, contraindications and interactions of these medicines are included.

Due to the importance of drug interactions and the impact of pregnancy, breastfeeding, renal and hepatic insufficiency on drug treatment, these sections have been accorded full respect by expanding their respective Appendices and formatting the Appendices in a novel appearance for easy reference.

The SNF 2013 - Inside

  •     The SNF comprises 20 Sections and 4 Appendices

  •      How do the sections look like

  •      Drug Monograph